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We love food and there is no busier or better time in Australia for indulging our obsession. With Christmas just around the corner, we thought we’d look at what’s big news in the food industry this festive season.

Will there be a 90’s Revival this Festive Season?

Denim dungarees, paisley and a splash of neon are back on the fashion scene, so will the hospitality industry follow suit? Well the Moshpit in Newtown won’t disappoint. With its promise of live music and a casual, unpretentious local vibe, it’s got the 90’s basement bar feel down pat.

Pickles and Ferments for Christmas

Already an Inner West institution, Cornersmith, with their cafés and picklery, is leading the way when it comes to the pickling and fermenting trend. Not only is it good for your ‘gut-health’ – gut-friendly foods like kimchi, kombucha and Yucatan pickles are thought to help with irritable bowel syndrome, bloating, fertility, immunity, low energy and even libido – it’s good for your taste-buds too.

Small and Boutique

Sydney has plenty of large and lavish dining options, we’re spoilt for choice and the standard is amazingly high. However, there is also a welcome trend towards smaller, more exclusive drinking holes and eateries. Often these are uber cool and well executed, offering lots of local delights including craft beers and locally sourced produce. Titus Jones in Marrickville is cool and cosy with its giant teddy bear and hip-hop soundtrack. Chin Chin’s Go Go Bar has been described as a concrete bunker with an outstanding cocktail list. And then there’s the ingenious Grocery + Grog at The Henson in Marrickville offering so much more than your average bottle shop. It’s a delightful little corner stocking the Inner-West’s finest selection of bespoke spirits, fine wines, ports, sherries and craft brews, as well as a wide range of artisan cheeses, cured and smoked meats, dips, condiments and provisions.

Locally Made Artisans

Of course there has always been a place for the artisan baker or brewer, but the trend towards buying, stocking and consuming locally produced fayre has never been more prevalent. From the cluster of boutique brewers in Marrickville’s creative industry district including Batch Brewing Company, Sauce Brewing Co as well as Young Henrys in Newtown, to the Addison Road Markets.  We love to shop local so long may this trend continue!

Portuguese Food

Sydney is a hot bed of amazing food cultures and there are a plethora of cuisines from all over the world right on our door-step. From Chinese, Vietnamese and Indian – which has seen a recent revival with venues like Masala Theory giving ‘curry’ a new lease of life – to Tapas and French fine dining. However, the cuisine tipped to be the hot new trend this summer is Portuguese. Lisbon is one of the most desirable European travel destinations of the moment, with its promise of beautiful, fresh, food. Think the legendary Portuguese custard tart, the pastry of the moment, but also salt cod, rice pudding and spicy sausage are some of the other Portuguese classics worth seeking out. There are some Sydney institutions like Frango Charcoal Chicken in Petersham or the delightful The Vintage Café in Newtown.

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