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With services like AirBNB and Airtasker the trend towards renting rather than buying, sharing rather than being exclusive and outsourcing, is on the increase. People are becoming even more environmentally aware, as well as conscious of unnecessary wastage, and choose to only use what they need when they need it.

The same is true in vehicle rentals. It’s no longer just for holidaymakers on a once a year trip. More people are opting to rent once a week to do the grocery shop, hire a car just for the days they work part-time, to collect a big one-off purchase or visit friends out of town for the day. There are lots of good reasons why renting rather than buying is good for you, the community and the environment.

Escape the Burden of Ownership

Owning a car, like most things, takes a commitment. The responsibility of upkeep can be pretty cumbersome. Washing, vacuuming, filling up the windscreen wash, topping up the oil and ensuring it’s serviced regularly and isn’t the victim of a rogue shopping trolley. Many are choosing to let someone else shoulder all of that responsibility, whilst they just rent a car when they need it.

Variety is the Spice of Life

Some days it would be great to have a convertible for a leisurely drive up the Northern Beaches. How many times have you heard yourself saying you wish you knew a tradie when you need to move or pick up a new fridge? And if you’ve got the relos in town getting everyone in your mini for a day trip is frustratingly impossible. One vehicle doesn’t suit all your needs, so why limit yourself. Renting rather than owning means you can chose the type of vehicle to suit your requirements. A 1 tonne truck one day, and a family SUV the next.

 Space is a Premium

Gone are the days when everyone could park directly outside their home and there was plenty of space for everyone. The crowded inner city, and increase of unit blocks with limited parking, means that having somewhere to park your car is a luxury not a commodity. Having a parking space at work is definitely for the few not the many. Car ownership can carry a significant cost to garage your vehicle 24/7 whilst it may only be needed for a fraction of that time.

 Go Green

The impact of the rising dependence on cars to get around has been debated and discussed for a long time now, and there’s no doubt that it’s taking its toll on our environment. By reducing usage of cars only to necessary trips, and choosing other ways to get around where possible, not only will your heart and lungs (and wallet) have something to thank you for, so will the planet.

Save Your Cash

The cost of owning a car is high. Not only is there the purchase price or repayments, there is also interest if you get a loan, servicing, new parts, fuel, insurance, rego, the potential cost of garaging it…the list goes on. Perhaps owning one car is manageable, but many families could really do with a second car and that’s out of the question.

Often your car will sit on the driveway all weekend when it isn’t taken to work, or go unused in the week when the sun is shining and it’s nicer to walk or in favour of the convenience of public transport. Renting means you only pay for what you use. What you save could pay for a family holiday, bathroom renovation or kids sports equipment and musical instruments!


There is something very attractive about arriving to collect, or even being picked up and taken to your vehicle for the day, week or however long you may need it. It’s been cleaned inside and out, full of fuel and has a GPS ready to go which may even be included in the price. If you have children, the car seats may even be fitted and ready to go. It’s pretty tempting when the alternative is a car full of old water bottles and chip packets, with the fuel gauge close to empty!

So ‘rent’ is the new ‘own’ and ‘orange’ is the new ‘black’. Do you need any more reasons to contact All Wheels Vehicle Rentals today?

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