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Tips when buying roses this Mothers day by EcuaPremium, importers of premium quality roses and flowers from Ecuador. EcuaPremium, an Australian based company with business partners from Ecuador and Australia. Ecuador, is the third largest exporter of cut flowers in the world. Their premium roses have strong long stems, abundant foliage and a big tight bud. Their objective is to ensure their customers in Australia enjoy the best possible experience when purchasing their roses. Beauty, passion and romance is what you will find in every rose “We believe that a beautiful rose is only beautiful if it serves a purpose” – EcuaPremium

All Wheels Rentals are delighted to Robbie Insuasti from EcuPremium created the time to share these amazing tips with us. Thanks Robbie 🙂 

Biggest myth about roses?

It could be considered a myth or maybe just a misunderstanding but everyone has stereotyped all prickly edges as thorns because they are sharp. Roses don’t have thorns they actually have prickles, these actually snap of quickly when applying a bit of pressure on them. Thorns and spines are much more harder to remove and they do cause a bit of pain when your fingers come into direct contact. Where gloves to avoid sharp pain.

3 Tips to lengthen the life of roses?

  1. Take the roses out of the package, cut 1 to 2cm of the stem diagonally that way when the stems hit the bottom of the vase there is still an area away from the vase that can conduct water up the stem.
  2. Remove the leafage from the middle of the rose downwards,  or for it to sit outside the neck of the vase. This allows for more oxygen to flow inside the vase and reduce bacteria in the water allowing for a longer rose life.
  3. Change the water every second day and place a couple of ice cubes during the day as this allows for the temperature in the vase to maintain itself cool.

Tips when buying  roses?

I believe you should shop around and find a supplier or a florist that you trust, as not all roses are freshly cut.

Choose the right colour of rose as you don’t want to send the wrong message. Different colours and shades have different meanings depending on the intention.

What roses do you supply and where are they from?

EcuaPremium is an Australian company that forms part of the EcuaGarden Group from Ecuador. We have been growing premium and breathtaking quality roses and flowers for over three decades along the Cayambe Volcano located in the Andean Mountains at 2.800 meters above sea level. We have a portfolio with well over 120 varieties in different colours, stem sizes which can vary from 40cm, 50cm, 60 cm, 70 cm and 1 metre in length. Each order is hand-picked at the greenhouses, carefully selected in our post-harvest process, kindly boxed and ready to be delivered to our clients around the world.

A message from the team at EcuaPremium to mums this Mother’s Day?

Thank you for all your words of encouragement, for allowing us to be part of your world full of wisdom, guidance but most of all unconditional love. You are our biggest inspiration and we are blessed to have you in our lives. Happy Mothers Day to all the beautiful Señoras! 

Don’t forget to visit our website ecuapremium.com.au or visit our profile page on instagram ecuapremium.au

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