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If you own a business that requires Refrigerated Vans for distribution, you’ll know how critical those vehicles are to your operations. Minimising downtime and having back-up options is key.

So when it comes to servicing and maintaining those vehicles it’s worth building a relationship with an experienced, reliable specialist who can keep your vehicles running AND keep them cold!

Specialist Knowledge

The refrigeration units found in refrigerated vans require a level of specific expert knowledge which can’t always be found in a generalist auto mechanics workshop. Having trained mechanics on hand who can identify and resolve refrigeration problems quickly will save a lot of time in the long run.

Less Time Waiting for Parts

Generalist mechanics cannot afford the cost or space of keeping specialist parts that are used infrequently in stock. However, a refrigerated van specialist will often have spare parts on hand or can get them quickly due to an established supply chain.

Safeguard Your Warranty

Don’t void your warranty unnecessarily, check that the repairer carrying out work is approved by an industry body and your standard warranty will be kept intact.

Faster Troubleshooting

Refrigerated vans rely on specific mechanics to keep them operating efficiently. With an intricate knowledge of mechanical codes and the inner workings of the refrigeration systems, the right refrigerated van maintenance and repair specialist will ensure that minimal time is spent identifying and fixing problems.


The right specialist will also be able to check and maintain other general mechanical issues whilst your commercial truck is onsite. That means much less downtime overall.

Refrigerated Van Hire

If you have a maintenance and repair partner, like Marrickville Automotive Services (MAS), who are able to offer or recommend a refrigerated van hire specialist then you will be able to very easily ensure business continuity.

Whilst servicing or maintaining your vehicle, MAS can offer the services of sister company, All Wheels Vehicle Rentals – situated in the same location as MAS – for short and long terms commercial truck rental. All Wheels have a wide range of vehicles including 6 and 8 pallet trucks, 3, 4 and 7 tonne pantech trucks and 1 tonne vans. Check out our Refrigerated Truck Fleet and browse our website for information on our vehicles, availability and very competitive rates.




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