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Travel meal anxiety is a thing.

For those of you who have been lucky enough to have ever spent time in Melbourne, you know that to truly feel the essence you must explore the opulent arcades, wander aimlessly through the uber-instagrammable, gritty, narrow laneways nestled between the busy streets, catch the breathtaking views at historic Kings Domain, get lost amongst the unique gardens scattered across the city or soak up Southbank while strolling along the Yarra River. 

Well, work trips don’t allow for these little luxuries, but they do allow for occasional “out of hours” play exploring a city that seemingly has a new culinary hotspot opening every night. 

Not sure about you, but I suffer from travel meal anxiety. It’s really a “thing” I feel that every meal while travelling must deliver the ultimate dining experience that tantalizes my taste buds while creating memories that will last forever…yes, I really am referring to eating! My last trip to Melbourne with my “A team” proved that this phenomenon is real.

Images from Food Services Australia with our friends Oz Harvest!

It was a cold winter’s morning in Sydney and the All Wheels team huddled for a brainstorming session in our light-filled office overlooking the bustling Victoria Rd. On the agenda were final preparations for the much-anticipated Foodservice 2019 trade show in Melbourne. In our usual fun and animated fashion, we ticked off all points for discussion, pleased and excited about our upcoming business trip which coincided with All Wheels interstate expansion. The conversation, however, took an unexpected and sudden dark turn when we all simultaneously realized that we had not booked any restaurants for dinner over 3 nights, and the show was only 2 weeks away! (those who are not necessarily in the ‘know’ Melbourne restaurants – especially great ones book out weeks, even months in advance)

Panic-stricken we embarked on a strategy to ensure that we did not get this wrong. None of us could bear the thought of a bad meal, nor did any of us want to be the individual responsible for making the decision to book the “dud” restaurant so a quick text message was sent to a reliable source who now lives near Melbourne CBD. 

Eating our way around Melbourne!

The following hours were filled with a constant flow of text messages that described in meticulous detail each restaurant and the spoils on offer. It appeared that our source was not unlike us, she understood our immediate pain and felt the urge to help us heal by sending nurturing links directly to the menu pages. Our desire to eat our way through the streets of this delightful city grew with every “bing” alarming us that a text had been received. So, we created a list, a very long list, the ultimate hit list and then had the arduous task of picking our top 3.  

Can you tell we had a great time?! Smiles all round!

We returned from Melbourne last week. Foodservice 2019 Trade show was a success and we met many fantastic people who we look forward to working with. As for the 3 dinners, we chose well, I mean really well. The experiences were just as we expected and will remain memorable with numerous pics and posts on social media ensuring bouts of nostalgia (and salivating) when looking back.

Furthermore, we can now boast that what we lack in shopping recommendations we make up for in restaurant and bar suggestions. Winning!

To make a booking at one of our 3 Sydney locations, Sydenham, Kirrawee or Huntingwood, or our brand new Melbourne location please contact us on 1300 547 547, email enquiries@allwheelsrentals.com.au or make a booking enquiry via our website.

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