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Travelling with small children isn’t something most people look forward to, whether it be a flight, a car journey or train travel, keeping the little darlings entertained and comfortable can be a challenge.

But travelling by car does have it’s advantages. First, lots of little ones find a sleep in the car irresistible, second it’s easy to pull over regularly and third (and perhaps most compelling) you don’t have to worry about annoying your fellow travellers.

To help make your car journey with children under six plain sailing here are the All Wheels top tips:

Make sure you’re well prepared with a good supply of all their favourite snacks. If there are few sweet or savoury treats in there that are guaranteed to put a smile on their face then that’s not such a bad thing.

Pillows and Comforters
Bring blankets, favourite soft toys and pillows in case they’re needed to make a sleepy toddler more comfortable. Also little bottoms can get sore sitting in one place for a while too so a slim pillow or folded blanket under the derrière is a good idea too.

Sticky fingers, sticky faces, little accidents…there are bound to be plenty of them. Have lots of wipes on hand to mope up the mess. 

Whilst you may not encourage regular screen time for your little one, a comfortable journey for everyone concerned is worth a bit more screen time than usual. Bring a portable DVD player or load up the iPad with age appropriate movies and games and that could help to pass an hour or two in relative calm.

Frequent Stops
You can’t hop off the plane to stretch your legs mid-flight but you can pull over on a car journey whenever the need for a comfort break takes you. Little ones in particular need to stretch their legs frequently and will definitely benefit from a brief run around.

Games and Songs
I spy that uses colours rather than letters is a good option for little ones…’I spy with my little eye something that’s green’.  Books, stickers and sing-alongs are all good fun to pass the time.

Little Surprises
Wrapping up a few little gifts to be dished out along the way for good behaviour will not only encourage them to be well behaved it will also create an atmosphere of fun and excitement. Introducing a new small toy or activity to the mix, stickers or an action figure, will break the monotony when needed.

Stay Positive
Perhaps most importantly a calm and positive atmosphere in the car will go a long way. If you and your travelling companion, if you have one, keep an up beat attitude and make the journey fun – in the lead up as well as during – it will encourage your little ones to see it as an adventure and hopefully make it an experience rather than an ordeal!

Best of luck and safe travels from the All Wheels Team!


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