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We love food trucks here at All Wheels Refrigerated Truck Rentals. There are so many great events here in Sydney that celebrate the amazing selection of boutique Food Van offerings including Paddy’s Night Food Markets launching officially on July 1 and look out for events in 2017 at our local favourite Street Food Circus in Marrickville. For information about what fantastic food trucks are popping up all over Sydney visit www.sydneyfoodtrucks.com.au.

We love the endless variety of Food Trucks available serving any style of street food you can imagine from the famous ‘Bearded Bakers’ from Knafeh, the Nutella sensation Foodcraft Espresso & Bakery or the moreish Dirty Bird Food Truck.

Here at All Wheels we love to get involved, support and sample as many food trucks as possible across Sydney. We also understand that behind the fun, vibrant and fast paced exterior, there is so much planning that goes into delivering awesome, fresh food from such a compact little outlet.

That’s where All Wheels come in and our list of Food Truck clients is growing. Our range of refrigerated vehicle rentals mean we are on hand to meet last minute demands for our Food Van customers to ensure they have fresh food on hand when they need it.

1. Store Produce Overnight

Our refrigerated vehicle make a fantastic overnight storage unit. If you’re attending an event that spans several days we can provide a range of vehicles large and small which can be driven to the location, plugged in and left to keep your produce secure and at a safe refrigerated temperature overnight. No running back and forth to base each day for supplies.

2. Never Run Out of Supplies

Storage is tight in your average Food Truck. With an extra storage space on hand you can stock up on everything you need, keep it fresh and have it ready to go when you need it. No last-minute dashes to the supermarket or cash & carry! And no-one likes turning hungry customers away.

3. Always Professional & Polished

The explosion of the Food Truck phenomenon means there has never been so much choice for hungry tummys keen to sample something different and authentic. What that means for Food Truck owners is more competition than ever. If you’re not ready with your juicy burger or tantalising pulled pork on brioche, it may well be the best in Sydney, but your potential customer will take their hard-earned dollars elsewhere. With an All Wheels Refrigerated Truck on hand for back-up you’ll always keep up that slick polished image and the ravenous crowds will keep queuing up!

If you’d like to speak to All Wheels today about how we can help you keep your Food Truck in pole position, call us on 02 9519 5110 or email enquiries@allwheelsrentals.com.au.

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