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Ever wondered how florists keep their flowers looking so fresh for Mother’s Day? When they’re out and about delivering, especially on a hot and humid day, even after hours in transit the flowers arrive looking beautiful and radiant. With Mother’s Day just around the corner, we thought we’d find out what tips and tricks our lovely florists can give us and how mum might be able to use the inside track to keep her Mother’s Day bouquet fresher for longer.

In an effort to give customers fresh flowers that are as radiant as the moment they were picked, florists use an assortment of stay-fresh techniques. Working with many of Sydney’s florists, the All Wheels team thought we’d get some tips and tricks from the people in the know.

Keep Flowers Hydrated

It might seem obvious, but water is the golden elixir for cut flowers. However, perhaps more importantly, the water must be fresh. Florists keep their stems soaking in water to ensure the flowers can stand the test of time. Florists must not only ensure that each flower receptacle contains water, but also that that water is fresh. So not only should you keep your your flowers submerged in water in a vase at home, make sure the water is fresh and change it regularly. No bouquet will do well in a pond of smelly old green water!

Give Flowers a Good Feed

While nothing can keep flowers fresh forever, flower food can increase the lifespan. Florists often treat the water for their flowers with flower food, either with a powder or liquid nutrients to give their flowers a better chance at a long life. Lessoned Learned. Don’t throw the little sachet out with the packaging, make sure you add it to the water of your beautiful bunch.

Keep it Clean

In florists, flowers are often kept in buckets because there are so many. The water in these buckets is changed regularly and, when this is done, the buckets are all thoroughly cleaned before being refilled.

Each time a florist uses a pair of scissors, sheers or another piece of equipment, they make sure that they wash them with water and bleach or dish washing soap.  It might sound extreme, but it is actually essential.  Bacteria grows on the stems of plants so, when you trim stems, some of that bacteria rubs off onto the scissors or knife.  If you don’t clean it, you will spread the bacteria to other stems.  

The Chillier the Better

Though flowers enjoy plenty of sunshine prior to being picked, once cut, keeping them cold is a must. Florists often refrigerate their blooms so they last longer. For every florist keeping flowers at just the right temperature is essential.

When it comes to florist flower delivery, the flowers may need to withstand a few hours in a delivery van before arriving with their delighted recipient.  This can definitely cause the flowers to wilt and become damaged, but many florists have a solution for this too.  Flowers are transported in special refrigerated delivery vans so their blooms stay chilled and in tip-top condition until the moment they arrive at their recipients’ doors.

At All Wheels Refrigerated Rentals we support many florists across Sydney during busy periods like Mother’s Day supplying them with refrigerated delivery van rentals. With our range of smaller refrigerated vehicles, including our 1 tonne vans, 3 tonne Mercedes Sprinters and the Toyota HiAce Super Long Wheelbase, we have the perfect transport options to suit florists making lots of small deliveries around town.

So, What Can We Learn from our Talented Florists?

All of these things can also be done at home.  First, clean out your vase every few days, and wash and rinse it thoroughly before replacing the water and flowers.  Don’t toss it, use the flower food packet that comes with your arrangement.However, perhaps the best tactic to keep your flowers alive longer is to place them in the fridge overnight. If that seems like a crazy idea, you could just keep them in an air-conditioned room.  Alternatively, put them in the coolest part of your home and keep them away from direct sunlight. And, of course, don’t forget to appreciate them.

It just remains for us to wish all the wonderful Mums in Australia a very Happy Mother’s Day. May you be pampered and spoiled as you truly deserve. And of course, may your beautiful flowers be delivered looking as fresh and vibrant as the moment they were picked!

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