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Do you know your earning potential?

What did they do to become such a successful florist, B2B, caterer or food wholesaler?

Did they master SEO, digital and internet marketing or growth hacking? Some would say that they worked harder, others would say that they outsmarted everybody else.

I’d say that all of the above were crucial but that there is another denominator that presents itself in the form of the widely used synonym “false economy”.

According to the holy grail of online dictionaries, Macmillan , the definition of this term is simply “something that you do because you think that it will save you money but in fact it costs you more”.

Case in point when weighing up whether you should buy or hire refrigerated transport while your business is in its expansion, peak, contraction or trough phases.

There is no question that refrigerated vehicle hire offers you the flexibility to upsize your fleet when you need it most and downsize during the quieter periods throughout the year. Purchasing a refrigerated vehicle is a huge investment considering its hit to your bottom line.

Why not free up capital to invest it elsewhere where it will fuel growth – I mean let’s face it, banks are looking a lot like the Grinch when it comes to lending and Australia’s resemblance to Whoville is uncanny (minus the snow in most areas) Bah- Humbug!! then consider the significant cost of maintenance- and what happens when you have the opportunity to diversify? 

Put simply, diversification into new products and service lines can provide an effective path to fast growth as you sell more product to existing customers or establish new markets.  I’m talking about making the right decisions for your business regardless of what distinct phase in the business cycle is relevant to you. 

This is where AWR are on hand to ensure that you get the right advice to suit your specific needs. So whether you’re in Sydney or Melbourne and regardless of what you’re transporting, whether you’re a creative sole trading florist, a mum and dad caterer, a national mega wholesaler or whether you’re working hard to be more environmentally responsible, your business could benefit from a refrigerated vehicle rental partner that understands your need to increase your earning potential.

I encourage you to put your energy into the core building blocks, craft your vision and control your narrative.

I’d love to hear what strategies you use to increase your earning potential?

To make a booking  at one of our 3 Sydney locations, Sydenham, Kirrawee or Huntingwood, or our brand new Melbourne location please contact us on 1300 547 547, email enquiries@allwheelsrentals.com.au or make a booking enquiry via our website.

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