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6 Small Things you can do in Lockdown to stay Positive!

6 Small Things you can do in Lockdown …Lockdown has been hard for us all, with a daily surplus of information, rules and uncertainties. However, there has never been a better chance than the present to slow down, gain some perspective and re-centre ourselves. Quite often, we get caught up in the bustle of our everyday lives, struggling to catch our breath and appreciate all the small moments which swiftly pass us by. Suddenly we find ourselves saying: “I wonder where this week went?” or “It’s all been a blur!” over a Sunday night dinner which is falling back into a Monday morning at the office. Let’s take advantage of this time we have, a productive pause to tie up any loose ends, get to know ourselves better and appreciate life around us.

Here are a few ideas to get you started: 6 Small Things you can do in Lockdown.

  1. Cleaning and decluttering

Tidy up your living-room, clean out the garage, neaten up the garden, wash the car. These are all amazingly satisfying activities, which coupled with your favourite playlist can make you feel refreshed and energised. Other ideas could be to reorganise your pantry, wardrobe or bathroom cabinet. Spaces we see daily can bring us peace if they are organised and neat!

  1. Exercise

A lot of us panic when we hear the word “exercise”, but this doesn’t necessarily mean doing endless push-ups and burpees. A short walk may be the perfect start, or even dancing in front of a mirror to your favourite song. Exercise is known to improve our mood almost instantly, leaving us a little bit out of breath but a lot less anxious!

  1. Limit your screen-time

It’s very easy to become overwhelmed, especially when we are at home and tempted by our phone all day. Taking a break might be the best option, or at least focusing on happy news and staying positive. You could replace this time by reading a book or cooking a new recipe, drawing, or playing a board game.

  1. Keep a schedule

We thrive on routine. With a lot of us working from home our schedules have been turned upside down, sometimes lines become blurred, and we find ourselves lost. Writing a checklist at the beginning of the day, or separating the areas of the house where you work and rest, could prove beneficial. Have consistent elements in your day, wake up at the same time, schedule your lunch and breaks.

  1. Reward yourself

Remember to reward yourself, breaks can be as productive as work! This may involve ordering your favourite takeout on a Friday evening, having a candlelit bath, or re-watching your favourite movie. You deserve a mini holiday, even if (temporarily) you can only have it in the next room over.

  1. Stay social

A lot of us are missing the small interactions we have during our normal weeks, talking to someone on a train, smiling at a stranger walking by, or sitting at a crowded restaurant. Make sure you give yourself time to be social on a regular basis; call a friend, facetime a family member, reply to someone’s Instagram story! At the end of the day, we all need one another, and reaching out to someone could very well make their day and yours.

Written by Phoebe Lipcar

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