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Refrigerated Truck Rentals 5 Ways It Will Benefit Your Business…At All Wheels, we have several clients who have their own fleet but also work with us for refrigerated truck rentals as they need them. Others exclusively use refrigerated truck rentals and choose to save on cost and risk by not maintaining their own fleet. Either way, we’re here to help and support businesses who regularly or occasionally need additional refrigerated transport.

If you’ve been considering whether your business could benefit from a refrigerated vehicle rental partner, here are 5 ways using a rental service could benefit your business.

1. Flexibility

In many industries, food service being no exception, there are peaks and troughs throughout the year. Christmas and Easter are key periods when our clients are at their busiest. However, over some of the winter months things can slow down. Having a refrigerated vehicle rental partner means not only can you upsize your fleet for short term volume, you can also have flexibility on which vehicle you select. When you invest in a fleet, you only have those specific vehicles available to you. However, at All Wheels you have access to a broad range of vehicles from 1 tonne to 8 pallet trucks, depending on what you need.

2. Save Cost

Purchasing a refrigerated vehicle is a large investment, one of the largest a small to medium size business can make. It is a significant hit to the bottom line when there are so many other costs – staffing, equipment and marketing for example – that could bring a greater ROI. For smaller businesses, being able to minimise cost by using a refrigerated vehicle rental only when needed can free up capital to make other business critical investments that will fuel growth.
3. Reduce Risk

In addition to the initial outlay to purchase a refrigerated vehicle and the ongoing running costs, owning a vehicle has risks attached. Theft, breakdown, accident and unexpected costs for out of warranty repairs, can not only cost the business financially, they can also impact operationally. If you suddenly have refrigerated vehicle downtime during a peak period and you’re unable to make deliveries, the damage to the reputation and income of your business can be significant. At All Wheels our refrigerated vehicles are regularly maintained and serviced by our preferred supplier, MAS, who are experts in commercial refrigerated vehicles. That way we ensure out fleet is always at its best.
4. Reduce Fleet Management Requirements

Management of a refrigerated vehicle fleet is a significant business cost. It often requires a full time fleet manager, investing in software to manage the fleet and of course the costs associated with ongoing maintenance and upgrades. Working with a refrigerated truck rental specialist will mean you can either minimise or remove this commitment from your business altogether.

5. Try Before You Buy

We’re not suggesting that companies should never invest in their fleet. For many companies, having a core fleet of vehicles they own, whilst working with a refrigerated truck rental partner to give them flexibility during peak periods without the additional cost or risk, works well for their business. If you’re considering buying, working with the right partner, who chose a reputable, expert in refrigerated vehicle build, has its additional advantages. By renting from their fleet and trying several vehicles, you can essentially ‘try before you buy’ to see which refrigeration system works best for you. At All Wheels we choose MAS as our preferred refrigerated vehicle supplier. They use Isuzu chasses; the refrigerated bodies are ultra-lightweight giving our clients excellent load capacity and their refrigerated units offer an exceptional drawdown rate cooling to -20°C in no time.

 All Wheels Refrigerated Truck Rentals are proud to support Sydney’s foodservice industry throughout the year to get their fresh produce from A to B in perfect condition. For further information about our fleet and vehicle rental options, please contact us on 02 9519 5110, email enquiries@allwheelsrentals.com.au or visit our website to make a booking enquiry.


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