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5 local All Wheels clients making a difference. Our clients are at the heart of our business and as we move into a new season, we would love to highlight exciting, revolutionary, and valuable things they are doing!

Copper Tree Farms

Copper Tree Farms supply carbon neutral, antibiotic free beef from mature retired Friesian dairy cows. They are farmed with renewable and sustainable practices, regenerative to the land with a focus on delivering quality products in the most natural way. Their products are unique in texture and flavour, supplied to our favourite premium local Australian establishments.

Madhouse Bakehouse

Australian and family owned, this bakehouse began in 1997. They pride themselves in using nothing other than ingredients you would find in your own home, sourced by local growers, and utilised for creations which supply Australia’s best cafes, hotels, and restaurants. Partnering with job support has allowed them to create opportunities of employment for young individuals with disabilities in their local community.

Oliver’s Real Food

Oliver’s focus isn’t only on good food but good health. Daily aches and pains, the usual cough and cold that we experience on a day-to-day basis shouldn’t be the norm. Oliver’s wants their customers to be glowing and bursting with energy. Looking toward the future, kids’ packs have been created to promote health in new generations, but also the health of our planet via organically harvested nutrition.


Procal has the most advanced fresh dairy processing plant in Australia. But not only this, their recycling program is an integral part of their mission: to minimise environmental impact. They have created Australia’s first back to base recycling program for wholesales, enabling recycling of their bottles up to 40%.

Sydney Direct Fresh Produce

Our strong belief in supporting local businesses resonates through Sydney Direct Fresh, a company building genuine relationships amongst the hospitality community. They are a direct source of produce from Australian growers to chefs, focusing on the menu at hand, seasonality and allowing for the fairest price. They wholeheartedly believe in supporting both chefs and farmers alike and building a strong presence in our community.

We love watching companies not only supporting their local community and industry but doing business in an environmentally loving way!

5 local All Wheels clients making a difference…we know there are so many more, if you are one such business, DM us today as we’d love to highlight you too!

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